10 Best urologist in Pune

1. Dr. Bhoopat Singh Bhati

MBBS. MS-General Surgery, DNB-Urology/Genito-Uro surgeon, 21 yrs exp.
  • He is one of the top Urologist in Pune
  • Well behaved and very disciplined in his profession.
  • Prominent urologist and Uro surgeon in Pune.
  • Expert in modern surgery of prostate and urinary parts.

2. Dr. Rajendra K Shimpi

MBBS, MS- General Surgery, General surgeon     29 years exp.
Most experienced Urologist in Pune having great experience and best in the field of urology.

3. Dr. Ashish Pardesi

DNB-Urology/Genito-Urinary surgery, MBBS, MS-General Surgery, MCh- Urology, 18 Yrs Exp.

He is the one of the prominent urologist in Pune practicing in Jehangir Hospital , Pune. Best Uro Surgeon for prostate and other urinary surgery. 


4. Dr. Himesh Gandhi

MCh-Urology, MS-General Surgery, MBBS,          Urologist, Urological Surgeon, 15 Yrs exp.

One of the Pune’s best Uro-oncologists and surgeons is Dr. Himesh Gandhi. He wants to provide patients with urological issues with individualised care that is supported by cutting edge technology.


5. Dr. Shirish Bhave

MS, DNB. Urologist, Exp. 15 Yrs
He is very sincere doctor and very successful surgeon in Pune city. He treats patient with kindness and love. He is best for prostate and other Uro related problems. Having top skill for prostate Surgery.

6. Dr. Irfan Shaikh

Consultant urologist and Uro-surgeon(MBBS, MS-Gen surgery), M. Ch. Urology; Urologist & Sexologist
11 Yrs exp.
One of the best urologist treats-uro and kidney related disease well. 


7. Dr. Suraj Lunavat

MBBS, MS, DNB Urology

He is a highly experienced Urologist in Pune. He specialises in Laser treatment of Kidney stones, prostate, and Pediatric Urology. He finished MBBS, MS in General Surgery and Diplomate of National Board(DNB)- Urology/Genito-Urinary Surgery. He serves his patients with his vast knowledge, experience and skills. He is one of the best Pediatric  Urologist in Pune.


8. Dr. Pawan Rahangdale 

MBBS, MS, DNB Genito, Urology, General Surgery, 14 Yrs exp. 

He is a renowned Urologist in Pune and currently practices at Jehangir Hospital, Pune. He has worked as a Urology doctor and gained proficient skill and knowledge in the segments. Dr. Pawan Rahangdale is well-known member of Maharashtra Medical Council.


9. Dr. Ashish Bhave 

MBBS, DNB Genito/Urology, Urinary Surgery, urologist, 16 Yrs exp. 

He is a best Uro-consultant in Pune. He treats well in case of enlarged prostate, Kidney stone problem. Expert for laser surgery of urinary parts.


10. Dr. Ashish Bhave 

MBBS, DNB Genito/Urology, Urinary Surgery, urologist, 16 Yrs exp. 

Dr. Ketan Vartak is a great human being and very hard working person. He is amongst the best Urologists in Pune. He is a rare combination of a brilliant surgeon wih great humilty. He treated many patients having urological disorders.


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