10 best ways to reduce mental stress, Mental Health wellness

10 best ways to reduce Mental Stress:

1. Breathing Exercise: 

Breathing exercises like Deep breathing and Anulom- Vilom Pranayama are very helpful and give quick relief for stress in daily Life.

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Anulom-Vilom Pranayama has magical effect on our mind. It can be rewarded as an ultimate long term solution solution for any type of mental stress. It works and support the body far better than modern or any medicine. So if have mental stress or depression problem then please practice this at least for one month daily once or twice. 

2. Daily Physical exercise:


Daily Physical workout is very helpful for reducing mental stress as it reduce the excess amount of free radicals produced in the body. Workout increase the blood circulation so that blood reaches to every part of the body and to brain too that helps in bringing mind relaxation and its freshness.
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3. Body Stretching Exercise: 

Body stretching helps in body muscle relaxation that assists optimum blood circulation in the different part of body including the brain. 
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4. Yoga:


Daily yoga is very positive effect on health. Do some basic yoga daily. 

Put your feet up against the wall and hold this position for at least 30 minutes(Vipariti Kirani). It gives the body a good stretch and increase blood circulation to the brain that create peace of mind.


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5. Meditation:

Meditation has magical effect on mind and a very effective and proven tool to reduce and manage the mental stress. Every person having stress and depression problem has to do meditation on daily basis twice or thrice a day continue and should include this in their daily routine forever.
Yo can start with short meditation of 2-3 minutes to up to 30 minutes.
Meditation is nothing but it is the way to increase the mind’s awareness and improve the presence of mind. It is to correct the mind and thought process and gives an alertness of surroundings.
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6. Walking: 

Do walking regularly focus on your surroundings and take your mind free from all daily negative things of office works or home, relatives and friend and try to gain positivity by thinking positive things about all the above, about yourself. Give your mind a break from all the negativity. 
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7. Listening Music:

Listening music of your choice whatever be your choice does not matter. It helps to relieve your minds from stress quickly. 
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8. Body Massage:

Body massage is very good for relieving stress basically massaging of sole is very helpful and effective in quickly relieving from stress. Sole massage can be done with any massage oil available in the market or can be used coconut oil too.





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9. Hot beverages:

Hot beverages like tea, coffee, etc are very helpful for relieving from stress quickly and getting mind relaxed.
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10. Laughing: 

As we all know that laughing is good for our health it also very helpful for relieving stress and keep it away for long time. So for laughing, you van watch any comedy show or can read jokes , etc,

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