Cancer, Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Fatal disease like Cancer has become very common in every age group of people. It is a disease in which some of the body’s cells grow uncontrollably and spread to other parts of the body. Actually human body develops some that are not useful for the body and detected by the body immune system and get killed by it. But some cells of these type are undetected by our body immune system and can not get killed and grow by multiplying its number rapidly and become a major threat to our body. These cell are called Cancer cells and the disease named as Cancer. 

Cancer is a genetic disease which develop due to abnormal change in gene (i.e. Chromosome in human) inside a cell. Usually change occurs in genes of a cell or the cell gets damaged when it gets older and its death occurs but some abnormal change of genes of a cell makes that cell a threat to our body by hiding it from body immune system. 

Cancer has so many types, classified on the basis of its manifestation in different parts of human body. For Example if it occurs in blood -Blood Cancer, Bone -Bone Cancer, Skin-Skin cancer.


Symptoms of this disease depends on its type. Each type of cancer has different symptoms. Some symptoms can be detected by the patient but good to clinically diagnose by consulting a doctor and conduct some lab test depending on general symptoms. Early diagnosis is very important to deal with this disease.


  • There is not any specific cause has been defined for this disease but some food habit, life style and previously occurred disease that can invite Cancer.
  • Food habit like eating stale food, low quality food, drinking alcohol in excess amount, smoking and chewing tobacco. 
  • Living a out of routine life.
  • Consumption of food produced by using large amount of pesticide and chemical fertilizer.
  • Disease like Diabetes, Thyroid, AIDS, HSV, etc


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Last Updated on 02 Sep 2022

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