How to cure sleep problem

“A sound sleep is very important for human body for Physical and mental health same as like healthy food and clean water. This is a must have demand of human body that cant be ignored at any cost. “

It is necessary to:

  • maintain critical body functions
  • Restoration of energy
  • keep brain healthy
  • repair muscle tissues in body
  • reduce mental stress which is essential to keep body ill free
  •  energise the mind and to improve concentration level
  • live a healthy Life with a hectic lifestyle 

Factors that affect sleep:

  • It may be genetic problem that means it can be caused due to gene behaviour inside our body cells
  • Hectic Lifestyle
  • Ill Mental condition
  • Work life
  • Food and drinks
  • Daily life schedule 
  • Any particular type of illness that makes body weak and gives restlessness


  • If you have sleep problem that means lack of sleep or experience difficulty to get into sleep at bedtime or not getting sleep easily at night then you need to care about your sleep.
  • Identify the reasons discussed above which are affecting your sleep.
  • If you are having any particular illness that is affecting your sleep then firstly get that cured by taking medication for same from your doctor.
  • Daily Yoga, Exercise and meditation are better tools to fix the sleep problem and to get sound sleep.
  • Medicine may be used in case of sever problem of sleep for quick relief under  supervision of any specialist doctor. 
  • Meditation is an ultimate solution for any type od Sleep problem. Try to meditate daily for multiple times you will get relief soon.


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