How to earn money by getting Healthier in Life

In our Life, whatever be our goal, in this 21st century , currency i.e. wealth is the ultimate means for survival after all.

People make money in their life to sustain and to make more thing possible in their life and at the same time to appropriate more means and facility by spending their wealth.

But some people make money or want make make for their survival but some make money for because they want to be richer in their present and future as well.
In this blog , we will discuss how to make wealth by getting healthier.

It is the well established fact that “Health is wealth”. As the world is developing day by day, the developing countries like India are also moving with higher growth and achieving a new target every year. But the at the same time we are losing a large amount of wealth every year on our health problems and the same is increasing exponentially every year because of increase of number and scale of life threatening disease like Cancer, Diabetes and AIDS. 

If you see the expenditure on disease like Cancer for its treatment it costs around 5 lakh to 15 Lakh or more it may be up to 1 Crore. Disease like diabetes and Thyroid do not have permanent or long term cure at current time but can be managed by taking regular medications and medical check up for rest of the whole life.  

Rising inflation and the cost of living make the medical expenditure more difficult to adjust  and unaffordable for a poor or middle class person.

The risk of cancer among Indians is currently around 10% and it is increasing every year and is an alarming situation for the whole nation. 

So the crux of the this whole story is to save your health expenditure by preventing disease that costs a lot. If you do daily spend time for exercise and eat healthy food preferring organic food then you can prevent such disease and save your money. This saving of money is the earning followed by making yourself healthier as well as wealthier too. 

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