How to increase Sex time ?

Sexual Intercourse Time:

First of all one has to know it clearly the normal sexual intercourse time for a male that can be vary from person to person. Average sexual intercourse time that starts from the  penetration of male organ into vagina to the time of ejaculation of sperm from the organ is 2-5 minutes.

If any one has their sexual intercourse time is less than 2 minutes and he wants to improve the same then there are following effective way to increase sexual intercourse time:
  • Do  Exercise related to pelvic muscle that makes your muscles of pelvic region relaxed and strengthens it.
  • Keep your heart healthy by doing running or at least 30 minutes of fast walking daily on regular basis.
  • Practice meditation daily two times a day.
  • Care about your mind’s awareness try to keep your mind aware of your surroundings and enhance your mind’s concentration.
  • Do not try any drug available in the market claiming for increase man’s sexual time or cure pre mature ejaculation. Be clear about it that there is no any drug that can your sex time or increase the penile length. all these drug will only waste your money and valuable time. 
  • You can take some medicine supplement that contains zinc and other minerals that helps to strengthen your pelvic muscle and omega that enhance your concentration.   


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