The rising of cancer, prevention and treatment

“Cancer is a type of disease that developed in human body because of genetic changes inside body cells that make cells harmful for human body.”

Now a days cancer has not been any rare disease and it has become like any common disease and it is still very complicated to be treated.

Rising of a cancer cell

There is not any specific condition or thing that can be certainly told responsible for the development of a cancer cell in human body. 

  • Cancer cells develop in human body due to some odd circumstances existing in the body that is harming the body’s condition continuously and lastly trigger the cell.
  • Changes come inside the cell in genes that enable a cell out of control from body’s control system.
  • Cancer’s cells do not die normally like any normal cells.
  • It starts to affect the any particular organ/part of body as it grow by time.
  • It can grow by replicating its type on faster rate and can mutate from one to another type.

Favourable case for the development of a Cancer cell

  • Out of routine Lifestyle or Sedentary lifestyle
  • Wrong food habit like eating stale food, packed food, low quality food, etc
  • Food product produced by using large scale pesticide and chemical fertilizer
  • Smoking, tobacco chewing, drinking or harmful and toxic drug consumption for long time.
  • Living a stressful life for long time
  • Any fatal disease like AIDS, Diabetes and any critical liver disease, etc


  • Live a healthy Lifestyle
  • Do Yoga, exercise and meditation
  • Improve your food habit and include healthy food in your daily diet
  • Quit smoking completely and tobacco forever as well as avoid drinking
  • Try to live a stress free life so that your body can can function and manage well
  • Try to consume only organic grown food



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